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sm_Jan_Solomon.jpg (19194 bytes)An Interview with Al Franken

by Jan L. Solomon

Photography by Franco Bertacci

On Friday, October 8, 2004 , I took a drive to Miramar , Florida for the opportunity to attend a press conference with celebrity, writer, comedian, radio personality Al Franken, following his live radio show on Air America broadcast on South Florida ’s 940 AM WINZ radio.  My photographer, Franco Bertacci, and I arrived early to make sure we had a front row seat for the press conference. After checking in with the promotions director we were taken to Al Franken’s dressing room for a personal interview!  This was an unexpected pleasure and our whole experience of being with him was consistent with that.

jan l solomon al franken-4.jpg (50857 bytes)He was relaxed and informal as he sat with us, took off his shoes, and asked his lurking agent to bring him a cup of coffee. We could have talked for hours, but we had 10 minutes to delve into his political thinking and shoot some photos of his reactions to my questions and comments, which I’m sure you will enjoy seeing.

JS: Hello, I’m Jan Solomon with Beyond Elite. It’s a pleasure to meet you.  We are an online magazine featuring articles on politics, sex, fashion and entertainment.

AF:  OK, good. I’m into fashion.

JS: What would you say to our global readership about the situation in the United States currently?

AF:  We have a radical administration that is not representative of Americans, and we apologize.

jan l solomon al franken-2.jpg (67969 bytes)JS:  What do you think will be the Bush strategy after the debates and after Kerry makes his move ahead?

AF:  They only know vicious and more vicious.  And, they’re smart. They may change their tactics, like having the Bush twins join the Marines or something like that, but I doubt it.

JS:  What do you think about what was said during the Vice-Presidential debate?

AF:  I think Cheney lied blatantly and when you do that you lose points. You cannot lie to the American people. There are pictures of Cheney with John Edwards lying around. There are clips of Cheney directly connecting Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda.

jan l solomon al franken-3.jpg (60960 bytes)JS:  What do you think a lame duck Bush Administration will do to scare the American people and undermine Kerry’s move into office?

AF:  They will probably try to dismantle some environmental regulations, helping their contributor base. How much more can they do – cut off funding to planned parenthood?

Bush would probably do something childish. He will be mad that he was only a one-term President, that is that way he acts, like a child who takes his toys and goes home.

JS:  What would you like to see as Kerry’s top three priorities in January and would you include the Israeli/Palestinian issue?

jan l solomon al franken-1.jpg (55055 bytes)AF:  Yes, I would include the Israeli/Palestinian issue.  This issue is being exploited by an authoritarian government in Palestine that we support and is fomenting hate.

Any progress we have had turns out to be a heartbreaker. Especially after Clinton invested so much into this issue and so much hope. We can blame Arafat for this horrible mess and Bush has done almost nothing during his 4 years in office. After Afghanistan , people told Cheney “you have to do something about Iraq supporting the widows of suicide bombers while Arafat stood by and let it happen”. Everything the Bush Administration has done in this regard is the opposite of what Clinton did.

JS:  What other priorities do you think are important?

AF:  We need infrastructure in the U.S. that will generate more jobs; we need to work on energy self-sufficiency; we need to invest in schools, early childhood intervention – visit parents early to determine children who are at risk; we need to focus on the nutrition of pregnant women; health care; and regarding Iraq, we need to establish our credibility around the world in the world community.

JS: Thank you for spending time with us and for the great work you are doing on Air America . All the best with your book!

Comedian Al Franken’s hilarious take on the American political landscape has kept the country laughing for more than 30 years. He can be heard daily on national radio.

After debunking right-wing propaganda in his best-selling books Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them and Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot, Al Franken takes listeners on a ride everyday delivering three hours of fearlessly irreverent commentary, comedy, and interviews. He energizes fans, infuriates liars, and delivers the truth in what he likes to call the Zero Spin Zone.

Jan L. Solomon is the Political Editor for Beyond Elite Magazine and the President and CEO of Solomon International Solutions. She has worked in the international relations field for over 22 years with The Hunger Project. Jan is also the International Specialist at the Institute for Reality Studies and is currently completing her doctoral degree in International Relations at Florida International University. Jan can be reached for discussion at

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Solomon International Solutions- Putting to Rest Impossible Quests through Conflict Resolution ·

Institute for Reality Studies
—Training individuals and organizations to break old and fixed patterns of thinking to live successfully and happily through thinking realistically ·



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